January Favorites 2018

List of my favorite things from the month of January!

Sean introduced me to this app, and I wouldn’t have believed it if he hadn’t used it to get free prints…once I saw them arrive in the mail I figured I had to try it. You get 85 free 5×7 prints each month with (as far as I can tell…) no catch! I took full advantage of it in January and ordered a bunch of prints for Ren’s scrapbook I’m making for his first year. I think I ordered around 100 so the last 15 cost some money, as well as any other sizes you order (I ordered some square sizes too). But overall it was still only around $12 including shipping for all of it which is INSANE! I’m planning to use the app each month since I’m doing the scrapbook month by month. Definitely recommend!
I’m super late to the game on this but I completely binge watched this towards the end of my pregnancy and during all those early feeding days with Ren. I’m completely hooked and so happy that I’m caught up just as the third season is starting!
I’ve been using this each morning to wake up my face and it’s the perfect hydrating toner for dry skin. It makes my skin feel fresh and clean but doesn’t strip it dryer. Plus the bottle is so pretty which doesn’t hurt.
This is the fourth year I’ve purchased the Starbucks January tumbler, it’s becoming a tradition! $40 seems crazy expensive for a tumbler, but you not only get the tumbler you also get a free grande size coffee or tea every day for the month of January when you bring it in. I think the cost of a grande drink now is around $2.45 so if you’re someone who already pretty much goes daily (like me) then it’s actually a really great deal, and it’s so fun to walk in and feel like you’re getting some ‘free’ each morning.
This year I want to explore more of San Diego and take better advantage of all the activities and events that go on. I feel like in the past I’ve always heard about things as they were happening or the following weekend after they’ve ended and haven’t done as much as I’ve wanted in this new home city of ours. So I subscribed to the San Diego magazine which has tons of info about everything going on in the city that month from happy hours to races to new plays and free events. I’ve already got a list of upcoming events and new places to try out!
I’d been seeing this on various blogs and decided to give it a try, especially now that I’m not pregnant and wanted to start a couple new vitamins in addition to the prenatal I was taking. The site is just gorgeous and it’s the most user friendly and beautiful interface I’ve ever used. You take a quiz to decipher which vitamins you might want and they give you tons of scientific research and information that’s easy to read to help make your decision. Then once you make your selections they come in a super pretty box with individualized packets of vitamins for each day. The little packets even have your name and a cute quote or fact, the whole process is so fun and whimsical it makes taking vitamins so much easier (the app is great too for setting reminders and keeping track!)
I received a personalized necklace with Renley’s name from a friend and it was the sweetest gift ever. It’s such a beautiful and delicate necklace, it’s perfect for everyday. Plus his name is pretty unusual so it’s not like I’d find one out in the market somewhere, I love it so much!
I always feel so much more put together with my nails painted, even if I haven’t been able to shower that day 😛 This is by far my favorite nail polish brand (and not just because I love Kathleen’s youtube channel!). It goes on super smooth, stays on a long time and has my favorite brush style for polishes. The color options are great, I love this one (Miss Honey) since it’s a perfect everyday color.





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Sometimes you just gotta move ALL the furniture…

Last week I got the itch to play some apartment Tetris and moved virtually all the furniture in our tiny one bedroom apartment. And in doing so I was able to move my desk from our office (which I hadn’t been using in forever anyways since Sean needed the closed-off office area space) into my own mini-office! I’d been using the high-top kitchen table for months as my workspace and it just wasn’t cutting it anymore. Moving all your office supplies anytime you want to eat dinner together gets old pretty fast.

Here’s how it looks now!

That open-square-shelf-thing on top of the dresser used to be in our bedroom and housed all my shoes (yes, I have a LOT of them). I somehow paired (pun. intended.) them down to a lot less and found a new home for them. We turned the shelf thing on it’s side and put on top the dresser which actually worked out perfectly and gave us tons more storage space in this main room.


Since we really didn’t need the TV in the living area (we rarely watch it)- we moved the it into the bedroom and switched the couch to face the windows. It’s someone’s new favorite spot.


Oh, hi Roo!


Sean now actually has more than a one foot radius around his chair in the office! Barely.


And now I’ve got my own ‘office!’ It’s amazing what you can do in a tiny space with a little rearranging. And literally stacking furniture atop one another :p


xoxo- Vic

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Apartment tour! yayyyy

To all my lovely Cincinnati friends and family! First off: I miss youuuu! Secondly: I keep promising a lot of you photos of our new place, so for the sake of efficiency (and really, the point of this blog)- I’ve pulled together a little tour for you all!a

Here it is, in all it’s 100 square foot glory! Ok it’s more than that, but not much.

We live on a pretty busy main road in Mission Beach in a 4 unit building…here’s the view from the bottom of the outside stairs up to our door!


The door opens to our living room/dining room/every room (the first is the view from walking in the door, the rest kind of swing around so you can see the whole space)

IMG_0013_2 IMG_0012_2 IMG_0011_2 IMG_0010_2 IMG_0009_2

Off of that is our office  (really, it’s just a glorified closet with a window…but it somehow fits our two IKEA desks!)

IMG_0014_2 IMG_0015_2 IMG_0016_2

(since this I’ve put up more stuff on the walls)

Also off of it is the kitchen which has a glorious view of Subway’s roof (depending on the time of day the apartment either smells like bread or freshly baked cookies…needless to say I never want Subway again and constantly crave chocolate chip cookies)

IMG_0017_2 IMG_0018_2 IMG_0019_2 IMG_0020_2


(Mai Tai snuck in there..as she does…)

Thennn on the other side off of the room is the door to the bedroom and bathroom (exciting stuff! I know!)











And that’s it! Of course the most exciting part, and whole reason we’re here is because we can walk to these two places within a minute. I WILL NEVER GET SICK OF THIS WATER! I love it.



Now come visit us please!! 🙂 It’s not the same without everyone!

Love you all!


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28 before 28

I’ve seen these ‘birthday list’ posts before (like this one from A Beautiful Mess), and I love the idea of a set of mini-goals within a time frame that isn’t the cliche New Years resolutions. Plus the fact that the number increases every year is pretty awesome- I feel like it forces you to constantly come up with new and exciting goals things to do with your life. Forever young and what not right!?

Since I just turned the ripe old age of 27 last week (I thought I was 23 like just last year!? What happened!?) here’s my list. I like matching the numbers (others do something like 28 before 29), and it’s my blog so I can do what I want. 28 before 28! Let’s see if I can do it! Anyone want to join me in tackling some of these?? 🙂

28 before 28-2

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Day trip to Laguna

One of the (many!) things I love about being out here in San Diego is that we have tons of great day trip destination options.

The other week we went up to Laguna for the day, it’s a place we both really love & even considered moving to when we first planned to migrate out here. It has such a great vibe, very chill + cozy. (Nothing like what I expected it to be…was I the only one kind of jaded by the MTV show??)

Below are some shots from our trip- we had brunch at this place called The White House and it was AH-mazing! Right by the beach + has great mimosas, can’t beat that!























^ Isn’t that the truth? 🙂




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April on my mind…



My April mood board + wish list!

Wear: Anything turquoise + fuchsia + metallic

Eat: Vanilla chia pudding (obsessed!)

Decorate: All things Southwestern + Southern California inspired

Make: Some DIY all natural scrubs

Paint: Cactus + Succulents

Go: Hiking on some desert trails

Sources (left to right, top to bottom)

Monogram Succulent , Can’t find the original source for the cactus print (please let me know if you do!), Marc by Marc Jacobs Watch , Disco Ball Planter , Leather tube bangles , Apres Surf Shirt  , Metallic Toes , Quote , Vintage Geology Chart , Cactus Painting (sold!), Vanilla chia pudding recipe , DIY Lemon + Thyme Scrub , Home Office , Bedroom Decor , California Inspired Decor

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Hello San Diego!

Top 10 List

I know we’ve been here less than a month (although it feels like a lifetime! In a good way), but there are still so many places to check out that we haven’t been to yet. From tips I’ve gathered from locals, to spots I found online- I gathered the top 10 places we’d like to check out in the coming months! My goal is to maybe knock one of these out a week, or at least a couple every month to ensure we’re not getting too complacent and to keep exploring all the awesome spots SD has to offer!

1. Balboa Park

2. Belmont Amusement Park

3. Old Town

4. Shell Beach Tide Pools

5. Birch Acquarium

6. Gaslamp District

7. Torrey Pines for hiking

8. Catalina Island

9. The Zoo!

10. La Jolla Cove for snorkeling

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