Sometimes you just gotta move ALL the furniture…

Last week I got the itch to play some apartment Tetris and moved virtually all the furniture in our tiny one bedroom apartment. And in doing so I was able to move my desk from our office (which I hadn’t been using in forever anyways since Sean needed the closed-off office area space) into my own mini-office! I’d been using the high-top kitchen table for months as my workspace and it just wasn’t cutting it anymore. Moving all your office supplies anytime you want to eat dinner together gets old pretty fast.

Here’s how it looks now!

That open-square-shelf-thing on top of the dresser used to be in our bedroom and housed all my shoes (yes, I have a LOT of them). I somehow paired (pun. intended.) them down to a lot less and found a new home for them. We turned the shelf thing on it’s side and put on top the dresser which actually worked out perfectly and gave us tons more storage space in this main room.


Since we really didn’t need the TV in the living area (we rarely watch it)- we moved the it into the bedroom and switched the couch to face the windows. It’s someone’s new favorite spot.


Oh, hi Roo!


Sean now actually has more than a one foot radius around his chair in the office! Barely.


And now I’ve got my own ‘office!’ It’s amazing what you can do in a tiny space with a little rearranging. And literally stacking furniture atop one another :p


xoxo- Vic

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