Hello San Diego!

Top 10 List

I know we’ve been here less than a month (although it feels like a lifetime! In a good way), but there are still so many places to check out that we haven’t been to yet. From tips I’ve gathered from locals, to spots I found online- I gathered the top 10 places we’d like to check out in the coming months! My goal is to maybe knock one of these out a week, or at least a couple every month to ensure we’re not getting too complacent and to keep exploring all the awesome spots SD has to offer!

1. Balboa Park

2. Belmont Amusement Park

3. Old Town

4. Shell Beach Tide Pools

5. Birch Acquarium

6. Gaslamp District

7. Torrey Pines for hiking

8. Catalina Island

9. The Zoo!

10. La Jolla Cove for snorkeling

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